Taormina Sicilian Cuisine

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Bringing in wine

As a general rule, we do not allow you to bring in wine. Thank you for your understanding.

About Hawaii State Taxes and Tipping Customs

In the U.S., there is a custom of tipping, and as a reward, we charge a service charge of 18%~20% of the total food and beverage expenses.

Dress Code

There is no specific dress code. Please come in relaxed attire.
For customers who use it for the wedding reception after the wedding, you can come to the store in dresses, tuxedos, aloha shirts, muumuu, etc. Please be assured.

Information for customers with food allergies / dietary restrictions

If you have a food allergy at the time of reservation, we will respond to changes in the menu as much as possible. As far as you can understand, please let us know the contents in advance.

* If there are dietary restrictions due to health problems or religious background, etc., and consideration for the menu is necessary, we will take the same measures as above.
Examples: Gluten-free / Vegetarian / Vegan However
, please note that in principle, we cannot respond to changes in the set menu due to food preferences.

About children’s meals

*Children over the age of 10 are served on the same menu as adults.
*Infants aged 0 – 2 are allowed to bring their own baby food.

The above is only a recommended order example according to the age of the child, so the final order decision will be made according to the customer.

Bringing in cakes

You can bring your own cake for your birthday celebration without charge. We can also prepare a birthday cake at our shop. It will be prepared as a whole cake of homemade tiramisu (round / 7 inch / about 18 cm), and it will be a common cake for weddings. If you wish, please contact us by e-mail or phone at least 3 days before the reservation date.

In addition, when using it for a wedding reception, if you bring in an externally ordered wedding cake, you need to be very careful when handling it, so we charge a flat fee of $50 as a carry-in fee / and cake cutting service fee. Thank you for your understanding.

* Request when bringing in birthday cake / wedding cake If you would like a cake other than the cake (tiramisu whole cake) that can be provided at
our shop, you will be asked to prepare your own cake. In that case, the size of the cake that can be stored in refrigeration at our shop is limited to one level in height and within 9 inches (23 cm) in diameter and width. If it is larger than that, please note that it cannot be refrigerated.

In addition, please note that we are not responsible for repairing the cake if there is a defect in the condition at the time of delivery / receipt.

About movie screening / sound source playback at a private party

Unfortunately, we do not have the equipment to screen the video and its facilities (speakers, screens, projectors, DVD players, etc.). In addition, we do not allow you to bring your own equipment to screen videos or play sound sources.

Beverages for groups and receptions

In the United States, the all-you-can-drink format in Japan is regulated by law and is illegal. Therefore, you will be able to choose from the wine list or drink menu. In addition, it is possible to decide on a toast in advance so that the party on the day can proceed smoothly. (There is a wine list on the website⇒ Wedding page)

Other information for groups/receptions

■ Bring in table decorations, name cards, etc. If
you want to set up on the banquet table, please ask the group representative (groom & bride / friends and family / tour coordinator) to come about 15-30 minutes before the reservation time and set it up by yourself.

■ About the progress When
everyone is together and the toast is ready, the banquet will start smoothly if you receive a greeting and toast from the representative. We recommend that you prepare in advance.

In addition, if you are a guest at the wedding reception and have arranged a wedding cake, the flow will be “cake cutting ceremony & first bite” after the toast, and then the meal will start.

■ About the time of use At
our shop, we are a group of 6 people or more. For 6 people or more, or for reception parties / group semi-private / private parties, the usage time is about 2 hours ~ 2 and a half hours.

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